Thursday 3 April 2014

A Hope links page...

It's early days, but here are a number of links to places to learn more about (and in some cases buy) Hope:

Review by a retired English Literature Professor (which I am understandably VERY proud of!) 

Link to a Goodreads page for Salt Lake County Library Service, where, if you live close to, you can borrow the book.

Another positive review (from Shauna Wheelwright at ilovetoreadandreview)

A plug for my novel at Diony George's blog

Good news on Goodreads--happily, a developing page...

A link to the store I used to work for; love the social media plugins at the bottom of the page! Wish I knew the people who have clicked Facebook 'like'.  I'd love to thank them.

Link to Deseret Book (where there are currently 3 easy to access reviews).

List of some couple of dozen retailers who should all be able to source the book

The BYU Bookstore

A second distributor (who will specialise in supplying Amazon and Barnes and Noble orders--watch this space).

Further to the link above (Update 13th May 2014) 

Amazon.COM (i.e. USA)

Amazon.CO.UK (i.e. UK)

Amazon.CA (i.e. Canada)

Amazon.DE (i.e. Germany)

Amazon.FR (i.e. France)

Amazon.ES (i.e. Spain)

Amazon.IT (i.e. Italy)

Amazon.CO.JP (i.e. Japan)

Amazon.IN (i.e. India)

Also, (in no particular order)


Book Depository

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