Saturday, 30 March 2013



Kicking off a blog is hard.  Well, for me it is anyway.  There's something like a kind of stage fright, a fear of speaking on your own in a corner, about things no-one has time for.  Or worse, speaking in way that is just windy, boring, and irrelevant.

But I have been offered a book contract.  On a novel I currently call Hope.  And after ten years of submitting various versions to publishers, I am trying to find a way to create a chatting place, a place where we can talk all things Book.

I'm excited to get started.

What I think I am trying to do here is discuss and celebrate the creative process.  It's so important. So essential.  But it is not just about the obvious forms, such as art and literature or whatever else immediately springs to mind when someone says Creative.  The process reflects our human need for joy.  Which finds its way into every aspect of our lives.  I find it in my effort to write, but equally it manifests in striving to be a friend, a wise parent, a good spouse.

I guess I need to say from the outset that I believe in God.  I believe in the fact that I need to believe in God.  And I don't see this as a weakness.  For me, it has been the underpinning reason to keep with this creative intent.

Regardless of whether others agree with identifying God in the creative process (it's not my intention to ram faith down anyone's throat) I hope to focus on common ground: the wonder of humankinds' inherent capacity to 'make things' - it's a truly amazing gift.

Life is a wonder.

So I'll call this place The Sound of Musing.

The book can now be ordered here...